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C.E. Fuller & Co. Profile

Employees who worked for C.E. Fuller & Co. in 1925.
Hall Street in 1916
Reg Brown is still at the helm of C.E. Fuller & Co. nearly fifty years after he started working at the company.

We have traced our company history back to 1868 when George Shaw ran a carpentry, building, wheelright and undertakers business from our premises in Hall Street, Soham.

The first image to the right is of Hall Street in 1916. Originally there were two large thatched workshops. One survives and is still in use the other had deteriorated and was pulled down in the twenties. The picture is taken from the entrance of Speed Lane looking down Hall Street towards Ely.

Nearly 140 years later we still have the same local focus, providing a friendly, caring and supportive service to the local community.

Our company takes its name from Cecil Fuller who born at the turn of the 20th Century began work for his father in 1915. Cecil was a driving force in maintaining the family involvement with the business and in 1960 passed the reins to his son in law, Reg Brown.

Reg is still at the helm today and together with the rest of the team offer the outstanding service and dedication to helping local families.